Crutches, Canes, and Walkers Devices Review 

After completing this video the Personal Care Provider was able to demonstrate competency with this task.

This video will cover all three assistive devices in one video, including the following information:
-How to use crutches properly, how to fit crutches, and the various gaits of crutches (2-point gait, 3-point gait, 4-point gait, swing-through gait, swing-to gait, how to sit down and stand up with crutches, and how to go up and downstairs with crutches).
-How to use canes properly, including fitting a cane, positioning a cane, the proper gate, how to sit down, stand up, and go up and down the stairs.
-How to use a walker, including how to walk with a walker, how to sit down and stand up, and the proper fitting and positioning.


One of the things you’ll want to know as a nurse is how to educate your patients on how to walk with a cane. Walking with a cane may seem like common sense, but there is a proper technique to doing it. Before practicing or walking with a cane, it is important to use a gait belt for safety. Make sure the patient is in the proper position so that the cane is 4 inches from the foot, and that they are holding the cane on the strong side of the body. To ambulate with the cane, move the cane with the weak side. Then move the strong side forward.