Home Health Aide services will be provided to appropriate clients, as determined by assessment and physician orders, on an intermittent, part-time or full-time basis, under the direct supervision of an agency Registered Nurserrherapist in accordance with a medically approved Plan of Care. There are no criteria beyond the agency admission criteria that limit the provision of aide services. The duties of a home health aide include the provision of hands-on personal care, the performance of simple procedures as an extension of therapy or nursing services, assistance in administering medications that are ordinarily self-administered. All individuals providing home health aide services will be qualified through training and competency evaluations.


To abide by state/federal guidelines and offer guidelines to the agency staff, physicians, and community for the appropriate utilization of Home Health Aide services.


1. Home Health Aide services are provided to adult patients and may include:

a. Providing personal care services including bathing, dressing, feeding, weighing, back rubs, skin care and shampoos as directed by the care plan and licensed professional.

b. Assisting with client transfers, ambulation and protecting the client from falls.

c. Cleaning perinea! area around catheter.

d. Obtaining client temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure.

e. Maintaining a safe environment for the client.

f. Communicating with the client.

g. Making observations of the client’s condition and reporting the results to the Registered Nurse/Therapist.

h. Assisting with range of motion exercises.

i. Providing physical and emotional support as required.

j. Assisting with medications, solely as medication reminding, and other assigned nursing tasks as directed by the Supervising Nurse and in accordance with state law and agency policy.

2. Home Health Aide services are available for scheduled visits between 8am – 7pm. Additionally, aide services are available as ordered, for pm or as needed visits regardless of the hour.

3. The nurse or therapist assesses the need for personal care services and includes the services in the physician plan of care (orders). A specific care plan is developed documenting the Aide services to be provided.

4. The Aide will follow the care plan and will not initiate new services or discontinue services without contacting the supervising Nurse/therapist.

5. Assigned nursing tasks performed by home health aides must be properly assigned and documented according to specific State/Federal and agency policies.

6. Home health aides must document each visit at the time care is provided and submit documentation to the agency within fourteen (14) days.

7. Only a ides who meet required standards will provide direct care (Refer to Competency Testing and Supervision Policies).

8. If aide staff are not available, nursing staff will be assigned to cover aide service visits to assure physician orders are met.

9. Intermittent Home Health Aide visits will usually involve a service of one to two hours per day. Extended hours of home health aide service may be provided as needed or requested by the client. Physician orders and payer authorization must be obtained for such care.

10. All services provided by the Home Health Aide shall be documented in the clinical record